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Get your own place for Rs. 12 Lakhs !

02 Jun 2011
By Team Doshi

Who says buying an apartment is expensive and you need to wait to get your own place ?

We have some great appartments at Doshi Etopia II which are just right for you . Starting at just Rs. 12 lakhs and five minutes from Tidel Park, These apartments allow you to spend time on whats most important and not get stuck commuting. Did we also mention the amazing amenities ? Yes from swimming pool to a gym to a theatre, you are covered.

With interest subsidy on loans less than Rs. 15 lakh and tax breaks on interest and principal payments.  Now is the best time to buy and make a truly smart investment. And did we mention the savings on rent ?

For more information, Call +914443539150, email [email protected] Or visit Etopia website for more details