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How do you find the right builders that offer you a dream home at a dream price? References, references, references. At Doshi Housing, we have an endless trove of heartfelt testimonials from satisfied clients who attest to our quality, craftsmanship and integrity. Here’s what they have to say!

Vishu Priya

Doshi FirstNest, Thirumudivakkam

Block A1, Apartment 103
Pandaravel Raja

Doshi FirstNest, Thirumudivakkam

Block A1, Apartment 303

Doshi FirstNest, Thirumudivakkam

Block B, Apartment 202

Doshi FirstNest, Thirumudivakkam

Block C, Apartment 403

Doshi FirstNest, Thirumudivakkam

Block C, Apartment 303

Doshi FirstNest, Thirumudivakkam

Block B2, Apartment 103
Mr. Mukund A.U & Mrs. Cynthia Sara

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam

Tower G, Apartment 206

We have purchased an apartment at Doshi FirstNest, as the name suggests, it is our first home. The very first thing that we got impressed with is that the place is so serene to look at and the tranquility we get once we enter our home. It has a bus stop nearby to get to various places that we want to go to. Plus we heard there will not be any water scarcity in a place like Chennai. So, overall it's the best we could ask for.

Mrs. Srinika P.A

Process Specialist, Infosys BPM Ltd

Doshi FirstNest, Chromepet - 'B3' Block, Flat 302

Really we are happy to have a home at Doshi FirstNest. It is a great location with affordable prices. Handed over the project with all amenities as agreed.


House Consultant, Eagle Burgman Pvt Ltd

Doshi FirstNest, Chromepet - 'D1' Block, Flat 101

My Journey right from the day I walked into the site of Doshi FirstNest right up till my flat has been handed over to me has been a very pleasant one. The value of money that every developer talks about is absolutely true with Doshi. There are no hidden costs, no hidden terms and conditions. Everything is very transparent and as a customer we can relax. The team at the marketing office as well as the CRM office require special mention.

Ms. Sriranjani Srinivasan

Asst Professor, Architect College

Doshi FirstNest, Chromepet - 'D3' Block, Flat 203

Construction quality of the project in general is found to be good. Customer service in the Doshi office is excellent. All the work is streamlined. Nothing to worry about. We are happy.

Mrs. Mangalam

House Wife

Doshi FirstNest, Chromepet - 'B4' Block, Flat 101

This is our first purchase with Doshi and the construction seems to be very good. We had paid regular visits to the site and saw promised improvement every time. Overall very satisfied with work and handover. Thanks for the wonderful service from Doshi.

Mr Arivarasu and Mrs. Aishwarya


Doshi FirstNest, Chromepet - 'A1' Block, Flat 302

Being our first house, we wanted it to be well connected to the main road and proximity to market, schools and medical facilities.Doshi Risington is centrally located on OMR road and well planned with open area and well-ventilated designs which fulfils our privacy needs.

Mrs.Spriha Joshi & Mr.Charish Puri,

Ford Motor Company

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam - 'A1' Block , Flat 705

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam

Tower A2, Penthouse 1903

United we live, together we celebrate!

K S Lakshminarayanan, Sr Manager Engineering,

E & I, Al Tajir Glass

Doshi Gardens, Vadapalani - 'B' Block , Flat B-11
Mr Srikant N T

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam

Tower G, Apartment 905

I'm Paval working at Ford and my wife Dona works at Cognizant. We recently booked a flat in Risington from Doshi Housing. The few highlights that made us go ahead with confidence, was the good feedback regarding Doshi, the floor plan and the quality of construction. The 800 Acre greenery at the back, has been really great. 'A township inside the city,' is the real catch of Risington.

Looking forward to a Happy Dwelling!!!

Paval Antony, Purchasing Manager,


Doshi Risington
Mr Vignesh Mohan & Mrs Swetha Mahalingam

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam

Tower A1, Apartment 604

Doshi, building homes with walls and beams, love and dreams!!

A K Sharma Deputy General Manager,

Government Service, Deputy General Manager (ONGC)

Mr K Mohanasundaram

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam

Tower G, Apartment 308

A spectacular home with modern amenities, aesthetic construction and timely delivery by Doshi. A dwelling that's full of joy and peace, aesthetically built by Doshi.

Karthik & Shobana (Mr. Krishnamoorthy), Senior Software Analyst (Business, Proprietor) ,

Aishwarya Industries

Doshi Trinity Park

My family and I are very happy to have been associated with your company, Doshi Housing Ltd. and would like to put on record the efficient and timely manner in which your team executed the project. We are also very happy that you were able to sell our flats for us in the agreed time frame. Your team ensured that a very high quality of construction was maintained throughout and there were no regulatory deviations whatsoever.

Given an opportunity, I would be delighted to work with you and your team again. Thanks and all the best for your future projects

Thank you very much for the successful completion of our joint venture project.

Ram Mohan,Land Owner,

Doshi Nivedita, Royapuram
Mr Vinod Moorthy & Mrs Geetha Moorthy

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam

Tower A2, Apartment 1206

We're happy to take possession of our dream flat at Doshi Wellspring. Doshi - amongst the oldest, most reputed and popular builders have fulfilled their assurance of giving us a home in a well-connected location, in record time. We hope and pray this new house will bring us all the very best in life

Mrs. Archana & Mr. Subash

Doshi Wellspring, Block A2-303
Mr C Madhan

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam

Tower B1, Apartment 1002

Doshi housing has etched a name for itself and reached the pinnacle, by its stamp of class in all areas, viz – dependability, integrity, completion of projects within the time line and the cost ceiling, without compromising on quality and customer satisfaction.

R. Venkatesan,

Executive Director (Finance) - Retd., ONGC, Chennai

Etopia - 1, Perungudi
Mr. Arunkumar Mahapatra

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam

Tower A1, Apartment 1805

I am happy to be associated with the Doshi family. Doshi Malika is a spacious apartment with good location, surroundings and greener. Construction is reasonably good.

M Dhananjay Bala, Businessman

Globe Engineering Company

Doshi Malika - Ketaki 306
Mr Kamalakannan & Mrs Sinduja

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam

Tower B2, Apartment 701

We first saw Doshi Ventures, Perungudi, while searching for a rental flat. We loved the construction and decided to have a flat in Doshi. A couple of months later by God's grace, we saw an ad for Doshi in Sontoshapuram. We then called Mr. Karthick, who so patient sorted the queries that we were not clear about. With that we decided upon the project; and today we're so excited and out of words to see our dream come true. Thank you Gayathri and Santha for bearing our grant. Thanks to God and the entire Doshi team, for making us a happy family.

Mr. Raveendra Babu & Mrs. Chikkala

Doshi Wellspring, Block B1-201
Mr Mohammed Kashif Malik & Mrs Asera Katun Begum

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam

Tower B1, Apartment 802

A home is where the heart is” - this phrase sums up our experience with Doshi. Professionalism, elegance and ethics at its best; felt and experienced at every stage of our interaction. Thank you Doshi Housing for standing by your tagline and for truly shaping our dreams in concrete.

Mridul Gopal Head - Sales

Suspa Pneaumatics Put. Ltd.

Doshi Symphony

We didn't even think of owning a posh apartment for our budget, until we saw Doshi Euphoria.

Tech Lead,


Doshi Euphoria

It's a big day for us, so we wanted to take a minute to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the wonderful experience at Doshi Wellspring. A special thanks to Mrs. Anandhi and Mr. Karthick, for all the support and advice received from them throughout the journey. Overall a 'wow' experience for our family.

Mr. A K S Abdul Muthalif

Doshi Wellspring, Block A2-204

Staying in the hospitality of your newly constructed flat, I take this oppurtunity to express my heartfelt appreciation for the rare understanding relationship we had during the building of this house ‘ Doshi Solitaire ‘, really a SOLITAIRE and rightfully called so. Thank you! You have given me the best present of a house, perfect in every way!

Shri A.C.Tiriloga Chander, Playwright & Film Director – Land Owner,

Doshi Solitaire, Kilpauk

Committed to deliver! Commitment fulfilled!

Annapoorni R K & S R Rajkumar, Senior Architect,


Doshi Etopia 2

So busy were we, we looked out for our dream everywhere. In came Doshi, and our dream came to us, exactly where we were!

Kishore Krishnamoorthy Associate,

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Doshi Wellspring, Block A1 - 304

In my opinion, the construction is very good and to my satisfaction. The location and surrounding ambience of Wellspring is very pleasing. The interior plastering and tile work too is excellent. The electrical and sanitary work is very nice and clean, as per our specifications. My relatives and friends too have appreciated the quality of the building.

Mr. Dinesh Kumar

Doshi Wellspring, Block A2-205

A home at Doshi Risington is where love resides, memories are reated, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.

Dhananjay Nandi, Dy. General Manager

KEC International Ltd.

Doshi Risington, B-301

Thank you Doshi Wellspring team for the warm welcome during our site visit. After the flat was booked at Doshi Wellspring, I was updated on every development in the home buying journey. The project I booked was very well executed - great location, on-time delivery as promised, a lot of space has been created which can be utilised. Customer service is really good and well-trained employees solved all my queries; they also respect customer as their own friends and relatives. The entire buying journey was very good in terms of flexible payments, and buying guidance right up to registration. Thanks to the Doshi team for making my dream home come true. I am very impressed with the Doshi service and highly recommend Doshi Housing to all those planning to buy a dream home or invest.

Mr. Shahul Hameed

Doshi Wellspring, Block B1-204

Our dream of ownership of our first home was made true by Doshi Housing, and we will always cherish it.

D Udaybanu, Director

Technical Managing Director, Member, Engineered Product India Put. Ltd.

Sri Mahalaksmi Doshi Malika, Ketaki 401

I am glad and proud to own my first new house from Doshi. I booked my flat one year ago after much searching in the OMR area. We choose the property mainly because of the prime location and forest view. My special thanks to the Doshi Team for their support.

Mr. Shampathkumar,

Vice President, Marsh Qatar LLC, West Bay, Doha.

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam, ‘A1’ Block, Flat 1706

Choosing Doshi was an eagle’s eye choice. Considering the quality of the building and civil works, we wouldn't be more comfortable anywhere else. Doshi as a brand speaks for itself... all future purchases will be from Doshi.

Mr. M A Mohamed Farooq,


Doshi Risington, Karapakkam, ‘A1’ Block, Flat 906

I am absolutely delighted to be a part of the Doshi Risington project, as it is my first self-owned property. The design and quality of the project is much appreciated. I appreciate the CRM team for their tremendous patience and constant assistance.

Mr. V Adhithya,

Application Developer, BNY Mellon Technologies Lts.

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam, ‘A2’ Block, Flat 304
still imgae

Being one of the early customers of this project, we were witness to the phase-by-phase development, right from the foundation till completion. Throughout this journey Doshi has been very transparent and open in terms of feedback to our queries, providing monthly status updates. We wish to thank the management to have delivered our dream home just as we had envisioned.

Mrs. Geetha Moorthy, Assistant manager, Reserve Bank Of India,

Mr.Vinod Moorthy, Team Leader, Scope International

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam, ‘A2’ Block, Flat 1206

After going to some of the major properties around OMR, we created an excel sheet based on various parameters to evaluate them. We finally decided on Doshi Risington. The price, plan and procurement process all were good. Overall we are happy with our flat.

Mr. E Mani Bharathi & Mrs. R Sujitha,

Assistant Commandant, Police Department

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam, ‘A2’ Block, Flat 507

We are one of the most satisfied customers. We appreciate the commitment of Doshi Housing and like to mention proudly that this flat is the fourth one we have purchased from you. We are happy to say that Doshi never compromises on quality. We are personally satisfied with the after-sales service and cordial relationships with their customers.

Mr. Sathish Babu Boopathy & Mrs. Charanya Shri,

Senior Associate, CTS

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam, ‘A2’ Block, Flat 301

We are very happy and proud owners of A1 406 in Doshi Risington on OMR Road. The work progressed well as per our expectations; the quality of work is excellent and is rarely seen in the market these days. Our compliments to the Doshi team for delivering a great product.

Mr. P S Somasunder & Mrs. Dharini,

FABS, MD, Bengaluru

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam, ‘A1’ Block, Flat 406

My buying experience with Doshi Housing has been excellent. The Doshi CRM and Management team is outstanding - co-operative, helpful, always accessible, knowledgeable, efficient, professional, systematic and meticulous in their approach. The customer service approach of Doshi Housing is very nice. I did not face any problem during the entire process from start to finish.

Upendra Natarajan,

Professor, IIT Chennai

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam, ‘B2’ Block, Flat 401

Doshi - It was just a half an hour's decision to book the flat when we came back to India for a holiday trip. The Doshi team was very professional, responsive, conscientious and genuine throughout the entire process.

Mr. Theja Suresh - Senior Software Engineer, Yahoo (USA),

Mr. Satyen Popat - Partner, PWC (USA)

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam, ‘A1’ Block, Flat 103

I am grateful to the team for smoothly conducting the delivery of my flat, specially because I am not a local resident and have been managing communication by telephone and email. The location is excellent and my apartment being in the front block, I also get the privilege of seeing the ocean and the sun rise. With its green zones and proximity to the sea, I couldn't have got anything better.

Dr. Neelakshi Mahanta,

Doctor, Guwahati Medical College

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam, ‘G’ Block, Flat 1202

The entire process right from the first visit two years back, till date has been very organised and customer-centric. From my experience with other builders in Chennai, I would say Doshi is the best. The customer’s interest is also kept in mind. Best wishes to the Doshi Team.

Major Venkatesh Bhaskar,

HSBC, Chief Risk Admin Officer

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam, ‘G’ Block, Flat 102

We started hunting for a property in OMR during November 2019 because of the metro operations from 2024. We had shortlisted 4 properties in OMR and the first one to be inspected was Doshi Risington; that also happened to be our last. It really has all in it to be called "OMG". The rate was very reasonable for the size, amenities and location. This property has brought in lots of joy, happiness and positivity to our family.

Srinivasaraghavan & Meenakshi R V,

Daily Thanthi, Chief Manager

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam, ‘A1’ Block, Flat 1002

We are happy with the quality and finish of the building. The flats are spacious and well planned with various facilities. The best part is that the project has direct access to the main highway.

Anushka Pandey,

Senior Software Engineer, B.A.Continum India Pvt Ltd

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam, ‘A2’ Block, Flat 204

We liked the location of Doshi Risington and the commercial model proposed along with Zolo Stays. We consider Doshi's quality in terms of building and services as one of the best in the city.

Mrs. Bhuvaneshwari Mohanraj,

Infosys Ltd, Senior Project Manager

Doshi Risington, Karapakkam, ‘G’ Block, Flat 1006

It's good, construction is good. Friendly people and created a good atmosphere, ambience at home.

Mrs. Remya,

Business Analyst, Barclays

Doshi FirstNest, Chromepet - 'D2' Block, Flat 203

Design of the project is really good based on their experience in the construction field. I am really excited to be a part of Doshi Housing and to occupy my flat. I hope to have a great experience with Doshi.

Mr. Venkatesh & Mrs. Velammal.R,

ARM, American Express

Doshi FirstNest, Chromepet - 'B1' Block, Flat 101

I am happy to buy flats in Doshi FirstNest. It's a quality product. The way of construction etc., made us feel comfortable..

Mrs. Asma Zainab,

Asst Professor, S.D.N.B. Vaishnav College For Women

Doshi FirstNest, Chromepet - 'C' Block, Flat 302

This is the first house that we are buying and to be honest, we are very much satisfied with property. The service is almost as good other than that we're happy to be proud owners of our home and a customer of Doshi. '... we're happy to be proud owners of our home and a customer of Doshi.'

Mr. Hemanth Kumar and Mrs. Rani.P,

Proposal Engineer, Emeron-FCFC

Doshi FirstNest, Chromepet - 'D2' Block, Flat 103