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How to Make Your Home a More Positive Space

09 Jun 2015



Most of us start and end our day at home. While the state of our home says a lot about our general state of mind, it also influences it! If your home has become a negative space, full of clutter, confusion and other negative mood inducers, it will create a vicious cycle that adversely affect how you feel at the beginning and end of your day.

Don’t worry, however. We’re here to tell you how you can make your home a more positive, happier space. No, we’re not talking about feng shui or vaasthu - we’re talking about simple little things you can do around the house to brighten your day and boost your productivity.

Colour Therapy

Your mind is incredibly sensitive to colour, and has strong conscious and subconscious reactions to the colours around you. A colour imbalance can create a negative state of mind, without you even realising it! Choosing the right colours and their proportions and establishing a visual balance is good, not just for aesthetics, but for your overall state of mind.

Look at your environment, examine your personality and read up on the basic reactions different colours generate before choosing your palette for your spaces. Bright colours are generally uplifting and produce stronger emotions, pastels and subdued hues relax and calm you, and violet is known to help combat sleep disorders, for example.


Look around your home. Most of us will find clutter that can date back years! The number of things we accumulate, without even realising it, is staggering. A cluttered space spawns confusion and chaos, and leads to a cluttered mind and a disorganised, frustrating day. A clean and organised space, on the other hand, allows focus and clarity, clearing the way forward.

You can reduce clutter in simple ways. Spring clean once a year and donate unused or unwanted items to charity, do your dishes before going to bed, make your bed as soon as you wake up, and try to simplify your life by cutting down on your wants. Your home and your mind will be lighter and happier.

Clean Up and Green Up

Clean up your act! Most household cleaning agents contain harmful toxins and chemicals which build up with time and use, leading to health disorders and other complications. Opt for greener substitutes wherever possible! Filling your home with indoor potted plants is another way to refresh indoor air and bring in more positive, green energy. Of course, remember not to fill your bedroom with large plants, as they give off carbon dioxide at night! Himalayan salt lamps, bamboo charcoal and pure beeswax candles are other ways to purify your indoor air.

Make the Most of Natural Light

Your body and mind need as much natural light as possible to function in a positive manner. Whenever feasible, open your drapes and windows and let natural light flood in. This saves on electricity and is better for your health and home overall, allowing the release of musty air and the influx of fresh oxygen. Vitamin D is also an incredibly important nutrient for your health, and while in very hot climates it may not be possible to spend much time in the sun, letting some diffused sunlight into your home makes a world of difference!

So there you have it. You can make your home a more positive, happier space with very little effort, and the effect it will have on your mind, space and family is well worth it!