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Doshi Euphoria

22 Apr 2014
By Team Doshi


Small, self-contained units, with an area of 300 – 500+ sq. ft., and cheaper than a 1 BHK apartment, Studio apartments are fast becoming popular in Chennai. Cost effectiveness, Ease of maintenance and Flexibility of space are the major advantages of studio apartments.

Studio Apartment is a cost effective choice for singletons or the newlyweds. Numerous job openings in the IT industry has resulted in a huge floating population in the city, than compared to the past. To a single person, the immediate requirement would be a decent living space, close to office, which is cost effective too. All this could be catered by a studio apartment. On the other hand, newlyweds would be looking for a cost effective accommodation to start their life in, be it for rent or sale. The small area inside, makes it easy to maintain. With appropriate furniture, the space can be made highly flexible too!

With proper support at hand, studio apartments can be the best choice for old couples living alone! Maintenance is easy for them and the flexible space makes movement inside the house easier for them.

For more details , visit https://www.doshihousing.com/euphoria/

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