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How Rs. 3895 per square foot is cheaper than Rs. 2500 per square foot

30 Sep 2009
By Team Doshi

Often while buying a flat, buyers look at the bottom line per square foot price without looking at the total cost of ownership. If you are in the market for a flat on the Old Mahabalipuram Road, you may also be an unsuspecting victim. If you look at the table below, you may realise how an etopia flat at Rs. 3895 per square foot beats out comparable flats being sold at much less.


As you can see from the table, Etopia is available for occupation right now and hence the rental is nil. This will also allow you to make savings on your loan. Plus Etopia being closer to the city will give you savings in fuel cost, not to mention peace of mind.  For more details look at the ad below.



So what are you waiting for: Head over to http://www.doshietopia.com