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Why Rent When You Can Buy?

27 Apr 2015
By Team Doshi


Renting vs. Buying is a major predicament most people face when making an investment choice. Given the current real estate scenario in Chennai, a fair number of people have been flirting with the to-buy-or-not-to-buy idea for quite some time now. The classic catch-22. Is it too soon to buy? Is this deal within my monetary means? Is this investment the right call to make?

Decoding catch-22

Against all odds, buying is always reassuring and is considered good for long-term fiscal strength. Doshi Housing gives you that security blanket of self-reliance we all look for. ‘Euphoria’, Doshi Housing’s latest apartment project, offers ideally-sized, affordable flats in a prime location to make it easy for you to take that leap of faith, take advantage of the cut in interest rates and buy your very own home.

Why Buy Now?

1. Home rents have increased. In most cases, the landlord can increase the rent based on the economy or his needs. However, with a mortgage payment, you are prepared in advance and will know how much you have to pay each year.

2. With the improving health of the Indian economy, the real estate sentiment is on the upswing. The RBI cuts in the repo-rate by 25 basis points each in January and March this year has brought it down to 7.5%. This heralds good news for the investor looking for housing loans. Loans are set to become cheaper yet with another predicted rate-cut scheduled for June this year.

3. You save rent as well as tax when you buy your own home. Get a tax rebate on your home loan - Rs. 2.0 lakhs per annum on the interest and Rs. 1.50 lakhs on the principle amount.

4. Property is an appreciating asset. It is a win-win situation. Your home will always be a life-long investment, your safety net.

5. The biggest advantage of buying is that it is an investment in building an asset whereas renting is an outflow with no benefits.

Why Euphoria?

Euphoria is the perfect destination for all those young couples and working singles who look toward settling down and making a property investment. Euphoria’s reasonably priced studio and single-bedroom apartments are designed to match the changing, fast-paced lifestyle of today’s youth.

The location of the apartments has been carefully chosen to suit the needs of the working individual. Located in Perungudi, the fast-growing IT hub, these apartments are close to convenience stores, hospitals, schools, and workplaces. They come with ready DTH and wi-fi services and offer many more value additions like automatic back-up generators, housekeeping assistance, ATMs, security facilities, and so on. Euphoria also boasts of several amenities including an air-conditioned gym, a recreation room, a terrace garden, and a party hall to create a functional, living space.

There's More?

When you buy your home, it's your space. Nobody can ask you to leave! You can redecorate or renovate as you please and take pride in ownership. So, now's the time to take advantage of the market revival and lesser interest rates and invest in your home. Buy your own, smartly-designed, sensibly-priced apartment that is easy to manage and makes perfect investment sense!